About Us

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Why choose us?

We cater to individuals and small businesses. We extol simple solutions over complex ones because simplicity makes things easier to execute and measure.

Why choose somebody else?

We don't do everything. We are not a design agency. We are not a branding firm. We are web developers and Squarespace implementation specialists.

The Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Based on our current client workload, projects start about 2 weeks after you sign up. Every new project starts on a Monday.
  • We are not SEO specialists but we will help implement best practices (meta descriptions, title tags, image tags, body keywords)
  • Yes, every website we create is responsively designed. This means the layout automatically adapts to fit any screen size (including smart phones and tablets).
  • If you just need a few minor tweaks or changes then yes. If you need us to redesign most of your site or add multiple pages then we would need you to purchase a website package.
  • We communicate almost entirely through email. If you want to have a phone call we'd be happy to schedule one, but you'll need to be subscribed to our Maintenance Plan.
  • After you supply us with with the raw content, we can design, format and upload the blog posts to your site for you.
  • We can add new products for you or update your existing products based on your requests. We can also troubleshoot technical issues.